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Well, there are many answers to this question. The impact of a 35mm film
projected in an auditorium is greater than that of a video (from VHS to
DVD) projected in an auditorium. You cannot duplicate that image with any
typical video projectors found at universities today. (I'm also assuming of
course that the 35mm print is in decent condition). The course, judging by
its title, can certainly be a film studies course, or cultural studies
course. It's not necessarily a sociology course. But even if it were a
sociology course, I can certainly see the reasoning behind the desire to
recreate the viewing experience as closely as possible. If I were teaching
this course I would like my students to watch the films in the best way
possible and as close to original context as possible, to better appreciate
the points under discussion. Seeing sex and violence in 35mm on a big
screen will affect the viewer differently than seeing a pan and scan
version on a crappy 14" monitor from a distance of 20 feet.


At 08:34 AM 5/25/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Margaret, please, please don't be angry with me for asking this question,
>but why does a professor insist on titles in film formats for a topic like
>sex and violence? I can sometimes understand this request in a film studies
>class for some old classics; however, I don't get it for regular courses.
>Video would impart the same message and save everybody a lot of time and
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>I love my job.
>One of my favorite film profs is teaching his, "Sex & Violence" class
>this summer and would like me to rent a high quality 35mm 'Scope
>print of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. It's a Fox film.
>Do any of y'all know who might distribute this? Swank doesn't.
>Thanks in advance.
>See ya in the Windy City (do you KNOW how nice it is to get out of
>Dallas in July?)
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