RE: interfiling of videos with books

Judy Jones (
Thu, 25 May 2000 08:16:49 -0700 (PDT)

We have glass-front, locking cases in the open area in front of our media
circulation counter. The first one was purchased from a catalog of a
distributor of library supplies. There were some cheesey aspects of that
one. When we needed more cabinets, we had our carpenters come over and copy
the design. We now have 3 and each one holds about 600 CDs. Our new ones
are better quality, but didn't save much money ($1,200 each). The cabinet
is no longer sold in a catalog. Anyway, patrons love to browse the cabinet.
Paper and pencils are handy, they copy down call numbers (accession numbers)
and they may take out 5 titles at a time for one week. We circulate CD-ROMs
the same way. All CDs are fully cataloged and in our online catalog also.
It might seem an inconvenience to have to unlock the cabinet whenever a
patron wants CDs, but it isn't, really. And, they are very popular.

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On Wed, 24 May 2000, Sr. Gilmary Speirs wrote:
> If compact disc case size were not so small, we would also intershelve
> and move them from behind the desk. The browsing element would certainly
> increase circulation. Does anyone have a browsing shelving arrangement?
> Please share your solution.

We have special open drawers installed on the shelves, custom
built for CD open stacks shelving. But, that solution wouldn't work in
your case because the CD's are shelved separately from the other formats.

- Victorua