Re: interfiling of videos with books

Stevie Andrew (
Mon, 22 May 2000 08:07:58 -0700 (PDT)

For many years we interfiled audio cassettes and for a while videos with books. Subject selectors allotted a certain percentage of their budgets to AV, the idea being that the best information and instruction might come in any format. Maybe this contributed to this library's never having a hint of the derided "print bias" (with nonprint 30% of our adult circulation and 18% of items, some bibliophile patrons probably think we tip the balance in the other direction). Anyway, the overwhelming majority of patrons come in asking for "a video about" or a "tape of" and they want to be able to browse in a specific medium. They are much happier and they check out more when they're separate. On the information desk we do often remind people that once they have the Dewey number for the subject they're interested in, they're likely to also find information in that same number in the book, nonfiction video, audio cassette, multimedia, and juvenile collections.

Stevie Andrew
Iowa City Public Library