Re: interfiling of videos with books

Susan O'Neal, Franklin Lakes (
Mon, 22 May 2000 07:55:57 -0700 (PDT)

Our library (approx 80,000 books; 4,500 videos) has been integrating NF
video for about 8 years. For space reasons, only a few subject areas are
included in this plan, but we intend to expand it to ALL NF video with our
upcoming expansion.

Travel, cooking (cooking video is a dud here), crafts, sports, and art
have all been successfully integrated to shelves. Our experience is that
the format is NOT the key point withthe patrons, the content is. People
are pleased to see the subjects shelved together- so we began full cataloging
of all NF video several yrs ago, even though currently most of the collection
is in browsing shelves-in anticipation of the eventual shelving with books.

The difference in loan periods has rarely been a problem. My turnover ratio
for video is 6.22-so I'm not worried that there's a negative impact on visibility for videos. Except for exercise videos, I wholeheartedly recommend
the video/book integration, especially for public libraries.

Susan O'Neal
Franklin Lakes Public Library
Franklin Lakes, NJ