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Mon, 22 May 2000 05:37:57 -0700 (PDT)

because our media center is in a separate building within our library, our
collection is separate anyway. In thinking about this I think that I would
still keep the collection separate anyway because we are a non-circulating
unit to students. They can only view the material in-house but because we
have several late nights, which include the weekends, viewing in-house does
not pose a problem for some. The separateness improves inventory and gives
us a better handle on our growing collection. Even in this area, some media
materials do come with print materials which we keep with the video and or
cd-rom based materials. Students and faculty can have access to this since
we hand these out with the material anyway. Of course they are required to
return the item as well, and depending upon copyright issues on the specific
title, can make duplicate copies of the print item.

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Subject: interfiling of videos with books

> There's a move afoot at my library to interfile non-movie videos with the
> book collection. (This is in the main library building of a large
> public system--non-movie video collection numbers about 6,000, book
> collection numbers about 300,000.) I'm interested in knowing if any list
> members are currently doing this, and if so what you see as the advantages
> and disadvantages. Has there been any effect on your circulation and
> turnover rates? Comments from others are welcome as well on both a
> philosophical and practical level. Is video a distinctive enough format
> deserve a separate place and somewhat special treatment in the library?
> as a patron, how would you prefer to find the videos in your
> library--shelved separately or interfiled with the books? I have my own
> take on these questions but would like to see what list members think
> stating my case. Thanks in advance.
> Peter Cartford
> AV Librarian
> Johnson County Library
> Overland Park, KS