RE: Interfiling of Videos

Deg Farrelly (
Sun, 21 May 2000 20:59:53 -0700 (PDT)

Peter Cartford writes:

<<There's a move afoot at my library to interfile non-movie videos
with the
> book collection.
<stuff deleted>

> Comments from others are welcome as well on both a
> philosophical and practical level. Is video a distinctive enough format
> to
> deserve a separate place and somewhat special treatment in the library?
> And
> as a patron, how would you prefer to find the videos in your
> library--shelved separately or interfiled with the books? >>
I think I understand the rationale for this... but I favor keeping
videos together, for a number of reasons:

* Patrons *do* look for informtion by format. Why make
patrons go two places for videos.
* If a video is not on the shelf where it is *supposed* to be,
the other shelving location has to be checked, in the event the item was
* If you provide viewing units, are you able to place units
throughout the Library?
* The catalog provides access to all materials in the
collection already

And lastly....

Libraries do not integrate their print collections: journals are in
a separate area, as are Reference books, children's books, fiction, atlases,
dictionaries, oversize.... are these items going to be integrated as well?

My $.02

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