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Pierre J. Gregoire (
Wed, 17 May 2000 05:51:15 -0700 (PDT)

We are an enthusiastic subscriber to the PBSVideo Database of Am. Hist. & Culture. It's interesting that you would initially see it as K-12, because many of our users (K-12 teachers) have to be "professionally developed" to appreciate that it is not just for Higher Ed!
Everyone's time is jealously guarded. Part of our duty IMHO, to our patrons, is to provide them with not only the best, but the best (and most direct) access to the best. Video information is rapidly reaching par with textual information as we see the investment in indexing and hyperlinked access to digital segments. Where we would expect, train, and encourage students to seek out only that information that meets their selection needs from a text; we still expect them to view all of a researched video (doc/non-cinamatic). PBSVideo has provided the first (analog) means to push video information access to equality with textual by allowing viewing of only the relevant segments. I am hoping that their on-line index will soon be featuring hyperlinks to the digital versions of the referenced segments.
We do spend a lot of training time with our teachers to facilitate their use of this product. (Incidentally, they expect to be able to click on the index and be shown the video). Our web site gives a description of its use. We go out to schools several times a month to train, and internally, we go over the process with all of our telephone support staff. Technically, it requires a little fiddling to properly identify in the catalog and process for the shelf - we supply a copy of the tape's index in each case so they don't have to go back to the Internet to find the right spot. Being a lease offers great simplicity for replacements, but offers a minor challenge in terms of PO's, and other paperwork. We fully intend to continue and expand this offering to our users.
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Dan Donnelly wrote:

> Hello: > > I'm considering subscription to the PBS Video Database of America's History and Culture. At first look I thought it to be primarily a tool for K-12 teaching but the more I look at the Web site the more I begin to think it may be very useful to undergraduate programs at the University of Minnesota. It seems to be unique and so extensive that it might be of interest to the College of Education, here, to use as exemplary demonstration of the integration traditional video classroom resources with Web technology. There are a variety of other curricula at Minnesota that might find it useful to search a database for course germane image sequences from PBS programming. Do any of you on this list subscribe to the database? If so I'd be interested to learn your opinion about it as a library resource and teaching tool. > > Thanks in advance for any help. > > Dan D. > > Dan Donnelly, Library Manager > Learning Resources Center > 153 Norris Hall > 172 Pleasant St. S.E. > Minneapolis, MN 55455 > Tel: 612/624-6536 > mail to: