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Beth Hansen (
Mon, 15 May 2000 11:28:37 -0700 (PDT)

This was my feeling, but since our policies will eventually "go live" I
wanted to make sure I was on solid ground. (Faculty can be very convincing
at times!) We have one playback viewer that allows users to view them in
their original format so, my mision is clear... we will not convert from PAL
or any other format into NTSC without permission! Being able to supply the
appropriate playback equipment helps settle the deal!
Thanks for playing the broken record.... it's the tune I was hoping to


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> Sorry to sound like a broken record but YOU CAN"T tranfer formats without
> the copyright holder's permission. Just because an item does not come in
> most convenient format does not give you the right to transfer it. Many
> foreign films are released in PAL format before they reach the US. Kino
> instance is about to release TIME REGAINED by Raul Ruiz ( in theaters,
> will not come out till 2001). I expect it is already available in PAL in
> UK and would no doubt be a very hot item in the academic world but we
> be pretty upset if someone imported a PAL and transfered it. Professors
> students will just have to live with the inconvenience of PAL.
> Regards
> jessica rosner
> kino
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> >Subject: PAL to NTSC Conversions
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> >Greetings,
> > I know that VideoLib has discussed the copyright issues concerning
> >conversion of PAL (& other formats) to NTSC in the past. I am in the
> >process of developing our institutional copyright policies and have been
> >unable to locate the previous discussions in the VideoLib archives.
> >Does anyone have these discussions archived in their mailbox folders or
> >could we briefly revisit the topic?
> > Again, my apologies for the duplication! I really need a solid
> >on this one for when the language faculty come to call!
> > Cheers (and thanks!),
> > Beth
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