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Flo Farley (
Fri, 12 May 2000 15:49:19 -0700 (PDT)

Judy and All,

Our library has recently purchased the Rocket e-book. I was strongly
influenced by a wonderful group of innovative librarians in Western New York
State. As part of a grant, the group is doing the following:

We will "test e-books currently on the market in a public, school and
academic library setting. In addition, we will be evaluating at
least one internet based product.

Our project calls for a regional symposium on the e-book in the Spring of
2000 focusing on various products either on the market or in development
and discussion regarding their potential impact on libraries; the creation
of a regional e-book expert panel of librarians to evaluate products; a
field test of specific e-book products in late spring summer; the
development of a report indicating the potential use of the products in a
library setting. The latter will hopefully point to specific licensing and
equipment requirements necessary for successful use of the e-book products
in a library setting. Since products are just in the development stage, we
hope to have some (even minor) influence on the development of products and
licensing agreements from a library point of view. We will post results on
NYLINE and would be happy to share information along the way."

There are newer products coming out all the time. While I would not replace
my paper books entirely, while traveling overseas, one can store 40 books in
the single compact device.

The version we have came loaded with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and a
Dictionary. Fun teaching tool especially its searchable quote capabilities -
e.g. Who said, "Though Nestor swear the jest be laughable" or how many
occurrences are there in the Bible of the word begat? Since Stephen King's
recent foray into electronic only format, we thought we made the right
choice. We are also thinking of loaning MP3 players.


Soft book is another:

Hope this helps,
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