Re: DVD security strips

Dave Curtis (
Wed, 10 May 2000 13:39:49 -0700 (PDT)

I spoke with our 3M rep and he gave us a green light to use the Tattle Tape DCD-2
CD overlay security "strip". It has two strips to counter balance. He said 3m will
debut a hub label security strip in July for the double sided DVDs.
We have seen no problems resulting from using the DCD-2.

Dave Curtis
Escondido, CA Public Library

>>> Lucy Lockley <> 05/10 12:58 PM >>>

Can anyone give me information on what type of security strip is used for
DVD's: name of brand, source for ordering, costs, etc.?

My district has just stated (first order went in last week) getting into
DVD's. I have been informed by our Technical Operations staff that they
need information on the correct kind of security strips to put on the DVD's
that were just ordered. The kind that are used on music CD's, the kind
that we have at present, will not work on movie CD's; something about a
'balance' problem(?). We are checking with some of our current supply
sources but I thought I would ask for guidance from people I was certain
would be able to help.