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Mostly I remember animated "sex" films - parental permission required -
probably Disney, critters, and fast photography plants and The Devil and
Daniel Webster (could that be right??).

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Judy Jones wrote:

<< I agree. As a parent, I don't like the idea of "movies" being
shown to kids on class time as "treats." When I was a kid (a few
lifetimes ago), we only had education 16mm films, but we still
thought of watching a film as a treat, that is, a break from the
routine. There are many fine educational titles that could both
teach and be a treat. >>

A new book by Ken Smith explores the history and style of all those
"educational films" we Boomers were subjected to.

TITLE Mental hygiene : classroom films, 1945-1970 / Ken Smith.
IMPRINT New York : Blast Books, 1999.
DESCRIPT 238 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
NOTE Annotated filmography (p. [113]-236)
The book "tells the story of America's social guidance
films, ten-minute celluloid treatises on proper dating,
good table manners, the evils of dope, and what happens
to teens who drive too fast on prom night. Thousands of
these filmswere made between 1945 and 1970 and seen by
millions of American baby boomers."--back of cover.

FacetsFirst recently announced a number of compilations of "Scare Films",
educational films designed to instill learning regarding socially acceptable
behavior, hygiene, driver's ed, sex ed, health and safety, etc.

Hmmmm.... wonder if I can get them thru Amazon

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