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Jim Mumm (
Mon, 8 May 2000 09:21:57 -0700 (PDT)


Are you a stock-holder in Facets? I say that facetiously, but I gather from
what you wrote that you really like this company and you want to see it

That's commendable, but we live in a free-market society (with the possible
exception of Microsoft, but that's another discussion). Facets and others are
well aware of the impact Amazon.Com has to their business. (There is
essentially no difference ideologically in the impact Amazon has with Facet's
than there is between Amazon and say Blackwells or Barnes and Noble.)

It is understandable that someone might want to direct their business toward a
particular company, and certainly a case can be made for company loyalty, but
does loyalty mean a responsibility for a particular company's success? Does
the fact that a library changes who it buys from or the mix of how it
purchases, reflect a sense of disloyalty, or is it more a matter of market
forces working the way market forces are supposed to work in a capitalistic

If Facets, or others for that matter, are concerned about the impact that
Amazon is having on their business (and I'm sure they are concerned about
this), they have the right and the responsibility to compete. Perhaps they
need to decide what in their marketing / corporate mix needs to be changed, and
to aggressively go after customers.

We don't need to worry that our purchases from a different source are going to
erode their livelihood. Rather, free market purchasing forces the "mainstay"
companies to be even more effective and responsible in their approach to the

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Deg Farrelly wrote:

> Many thanx to all who responded to my inquiry about use of > > I appreciate the added suggestions of other vendors to try. > > I was perhaps too circumspect in my original question. Our acquisitions > unit is interested in processes that are quick and easy and minimize the > paper work that staff must complete. We are also interested in obtaining > shipments in the shortest time frame, with the least number of "Unable to > Fill" reports, etc. All honorable. > > I am, however, concerned with the long term effect of pulling business from > the established, "brick and mortar" companies (Ambrose, Facets, Films for > the Humanities, etc.) in favor of e-commerce. I am not questioning the use > of e-commerce. Traditional, time-proven vendors, however, add value > (carrying obscure, less profitable titles, assisting in tracking down > hard-to-find works, collegial relationships on a first-name basis, etc.) I > am concerned that if the popular titles are siphoned off to the e-vendors, > the future of companies like Facets is threatened. > > I am also concerned of an attitude of "Amazon First" resulting in an > attitude that if Amazona cannot supply, no one can. > > Thank you again for your timely and informative responses. > > deg farrelly, Associate Librarian > Media / Women's Studies / Document Delivery Program Manager > Arizona State University West > 4701 West Thunderbird Road, P.O. Box 37100 > Phoenix, Arizona 85069-7100 > Phone: 602.543.8522 | Fax: 602.543.8540 | E-Mail: >