Re: PP videos

Jessica (
Mon, 8 May 2000 09:15:08 -0700 (PDT)

As I said I have little knowledge of the k-12 market but it does seem like
there is a lot of abuse and misinformation on the other side too. In at
least 3 cases since I have been in New York, high school teachers got in
trouble for showing their students some popular Hollywood movie as "a treat"
However they actually only got in trouble because the films were R rated.
Nobody bothered to point out the copyright violation. While it would of
course be perfectly reasonable to show TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD to a 9th grade
literature course, I am hard pressed to think that it would ever be legit to
show Fantasia to a third grade. If the film really fits in to the course or
topic being discussed, no problem but this gets abused a lot. To be fair I
have gotten calls from High Schools wanting to know what they have to do to
get permission to show THE BELLE OF AMHURST in class and are often startled
when I tell them nothing, so long as it is part of the instruction.

Personally I think at least 90% or more of Face to Face is just common sense
. It really does not take a brain surgeon to figure out it the film is being
used for legitmate classroom instruction and ONLY that. Companies do often
push unessary PP rights but you simply have to keep on your toes and see if
it is available for less somewhere else. It may be a pain in the ass but
than I am sure that is what you guys all went to library school for.