Re: PP videos

Jessica (
Mon, 8 May 2000 07:17:07 -0700 (PDT)

I have no problem with the general discussion on this but would like to add
a word of caution.
While you do not need PP rights for genuine educational classroom use, I
have gotten frustrated with how far some people have tried to stretch this.
I have very little knowlege of the K-12 field but I think it would be hard
to justify ANY standard Disney or Childrens film as educational rather than
entertainement. I am speaking STRICTLY of feature films and I realize there
is a lot of other material out there. At the University level which I deal
with often, too often professors or other non-media people try to justify
screenings by stating that pretty much ANYTHING they do is educational. The
"face to face" exemption is limited to a REAL classroom setting and to ONLY
students enrolled in THAT CLASS. This may seem obvious but I have spend a
lot of wasted breath explaining this to people.

If your institution never uses the tapes outside of the classroom or home
use than you would not need PPR. However with many places increasingly
wanting the rights for for campus closed circuit or on campus screening,
many institutions do need PPR. I realize that many of you are forced to buy
it regardless of need since many educational tapes only come with PPR. In
that case there is really nothing you can do about it as it is at a
distributors discretion. I think most of you are savvy enough to check
around to see if you can get the same title for less. However as a
distributor I would like to emphasize that we rely on the knowlege and
honesty of buyers and users not to abuse the face to face exemption

Jessica Rosner