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Faculty owned items placed on reserve here circulate for 2 hours and do not
leave the Library Media Center area. On rare occasion, a faculty member
will allow for duplication of videos, for example, salesmanship tapes made
of the students in the class, PE dance tapes of students. We will override
the circulation program and check out for 2-4 hours depending on our
anticipation of the wait down in the faculty/student workroom. Distance
Education lectures, currently 24 courses, also only circulate for 2 in-house
hours. If the class is a 3-hour class it really doesn't matter because our
system doesn't start charging right away. I think there is an 18-hour grace
period althought the patron doesn't know that and we don't advertise it. A
student removing these videos from the area and taking them home faces
severe reprimand from his/her faculty member. There is only one copy
usually and many students in the class who have to view it.

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Excuse any Cross-Posting Duplications!

We are looking closely at our department policies this summer and it was
suggested by our Reserves department that shorter check-out period might
decrease the number of items our faculty feel compelled to place on
reserve. We currently allow 3-day checkout for our materials
(VHS/Laserdiscs/DVDs) but this length was determined by limitations of
our old OPAC. We now have a more flexible system and could set almost
any length we want.

I'm curious to see what other libraries/media centers are using as a
check-out period for their materials and the rationale behind the
policies. Respond to me and I'll summarize for the list if there is

Thanks in advance!

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