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I speak from an academic library point of view, not public library. As a
state university we have some requirements imposed on us. If we purchase
directly from a distributor, that distributor must fill out and return
certain "forms" which have to be on file before we can order from them.
Forms that certify "drug-free workplace" and stuff like that. We also have
to use the purchase order system. I am always having to fight the good
fight with our Acquistions Department over what venders to use. They don't
want to have to deal with invoices from many companies, so like to use
jobbers. I like to deal with individual companies so I can negotiate
special deals. We purchase few feature films in any given year, but about
$20,000 worth of educational videos. And, yes, we buy public performance
rights where available. When we order feature films, 90% are ordered from
Facets and all at one time. One P.O. and one invoice. Ditto AEC One Stop
for CDs. We are at the stage of having to replace worn out 3/4" and 16mm
film titles. This is where negotiating really helps - when you have already
owned the title.

Feature films are so cheap, we order so few, that shopping around doesn't
save anything for us really.

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I have been lurking for about a month and want to introduce myself. I am in

charge of the media at the San Leandro Public Library (near Oakland, CA),
we have a video collection that just hit 10,000 videos at our main and three

branches. We carry more feature films than anything else, but we do have
lots of instructional videos, documentaries like A&E biographies, lots of
children's movies, etc. I wanted to suggest one other wholesaler for
libraries, They have very good discounts (lower
than Baker and Taylor) and very good service. They guarantee all their
videos for one year, including those they sell used! BTW, I don't work for
them, just a plug for a good business contact!
Penny Peck
San Leandro Public Library, CA