RE: VHS Rewinder and Cleaner
Tue, 2 May 2000 11:49:07 -0700 (PDT)

We're a small library that owns around 2,000 videos - we circulate around 3500 videos a month. We bought a Tape-Chek machine several years ago to help maintain our collection and keep it circulation-worthy. We charge patrons $1.00 per day to borrow our videos (mostly popular titles) and felt that we needed to insure that we could stand behind the quality of our tapes. Also, many patrons return videos saying they are unwatchable for whatever reason - lines in picture, static, no sound, etc. Rather than trying to scan through the entire tape on my VCR looking for problems, I run it through Tape-Chek to look for defects. If nothing else, if defects are found, the display lets you know in which 15 minute segment of the tape the problem can be found. Then, if you want to investigate further to gauge the seriousness of the problem, you know where to look. If there are no defects (and there usually aren't) the tape is being reconditioned and cleaned at the same time. By the way, B!
lockbuster and other video stores do use a similar machine. I have found the Tape Chek to be a very useful aide in my work, despite the large price tag. It's an investment.