RE: Closed captioning and copyright

Ben Achtenberg (
Thu, 27 Apr 2000 15:17:41 -0700 (PDT)

Regarding Gail Fedak's query (and followup discussion):

We have worked on several captioning projects with Mike Lyons at the
National Digital Television Center (and previously at the Center on
Deafness) and have found him/them to be quick, accurate, and moderately

Mike Lyons <>
National Digital Television Center
4100 E. Dry Creek Road
Littleton, CO 80122
(303) 702-3310

You would definitely need authorization from the copyright holder to make a
captioned copy, but I would suggest a couple of approaches in that regard:
First of all, contact the distributor -- you might find that they've added
captioning since you purchased your copy of the film and, if so, might be
willing to sell you a replacement copy at a discounted price that would
likely be much less than the cost of captioning it yourself. If they
haven't captioned it already, but have received queries from other
customers about the same title, your request might provide the critical
mass that would encourage them to do so.

If they're not yet prepared to caption the show themselves, they MAY be
willing to give you the right to do so without charge, especially if you
assure them you're only making one copy. They might (and we've done this
in a couple of cases) ask you to reciprocate by giving them a copy of the
newly-captioned version.

In terms of alternatives, we have some customers who -- if we can't provide
them a captioned copy -- will request a transcript so that they can have
someone do simultaneous signing. I gather that there are also setups which
would enable you to do the captioning into your computer, either "live" or
in advance, and superimpose it on the image during projection -- without
actually making a captioned copy. Actually, I think even this might
technically be a copyright violation, but it's one I can't imagine anyone
objecting to. Sorry, I can't give you any specifics about this, but maybe
somebody else on the list can.

Good luck.

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