Interfiling Video Genres

Judy Falzon (
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 08:48:03 -0700 (PDT)


I am part of a Committee to standardize labels and processing across a
multibranch system. Our Committee is making recommendations about A-V

We at the main library have approximately 10,000 videos, most of them
popular adult and juvenile feature films. The majority of our non-new
titles have 1-3 copies per genre depending on shelf space, although we can
have as many as 4-8 copies (Bambi, for example). Currently we have about 8
adult genres--Western, Comedy, Action/Adventure, Foreign, Mystery/Suspense,
Horror, Sci-Fi, Musicals.

Branches have collections of videos that are 20% or less of our number of

We are mulling the idea of interfiling all our Main Library adult videos
alphabetically by title (not exact alphabetical, but let's say by first 3
letters of title), while retaining the genre designation on the spine (and
highlighting the genre).

Has anyone made such a dramatic rearrangement? I anticipate some patron
backlash, and we will produce lots of videography lists by categories to
help browsers.

I am looking for feedback, advice, opinions, on the wisdom of this.
Because this is a Committee with a deadline, we won't have time to survey
or sample patrons.

Shelvers will be surveyed.

Thanks for input anyone cares to provide.

Judith Falzon
Head of Audio Visual Services
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