Re: Telecom headlines last coupla weeks

Thu, 13 Apr 2000 08:42:54 -0700 (PDT)

Warning: Brief Personal Tirade:
This is all so depressing. These recent "headlines" offer very little
hope for improvement in the
quality of life in our great country. Commercialism, the state religion
America, controls all. Media magnates have a lockon the bandwidth. Even
air ain't free.
The wrangling over broadcasting issues in Washington seems to be in the
hands of corporations, lobbyists, and congressional committees, with little
concern for the rest of us....or so it seems to me.
What does it say about the viewers of tv as well as the purveyors, that
people want to have a screen in their living room the presents more and
more degrading material, which they are willing to PAY for?
Let's have more reading and less internet and television. Have kids learn
real world skills like sewing,cooking, gardening, woodworking, sports, and
so on. The internet for many kids is a vacuous mindrotting escape from
reality, worse than a waste of time.