Re: Default prices for av
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 12:03:16 -0700 (PDT)

We charge patrons a flat $60 for any lost material - book or AV. Our
Technical Services staff who do the acqusitions and cataloging felt this is
a median price for all our media. Sometimes we come out ahead, sometimes
we lose money. The amount was raised from $35 two years ago.

Sue DeHut

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> This may have been discussed before, if so, I'm sorry for asking again!
> And, sorry for any cross posting.
> We are trying to set up a list of default prices for out of print
> audiovisual materials. My question, what does everyone else do? Our
> music compact disc collection is completely eclectic - we buy anything.
> Our book on cassette collection ranges from 2 cassette abridgements to 24
> tape or more unabridged titles. Our videos are 10% feature films, the
> rest children's or information/education. I very seldom purchase a
> single tape title for more than $80. Our CD-ROM collections are
> generally geared to home use, rather than business, so we don't get
> programs such as Office, or Lotus, etc., to lend out. The question has
> also been raised about just having a set price, so people do not have to
> hunt down a title to determine if it is in print or not. Does anyone do
> this? If you have a page of this in your policy manual that you could
> fax, that would be fine, too. Thank you so much in advance! Everyone is
> so helpful on this list!
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