RE: Previewing question/"100 Best Films"
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 11:49:06 -0700 (PDT)

Our collection is curriculum driven, and purchase requests come from
faculty. Sometimes they base their recommendation on a catalogue
description, but the more expensive tapes are requested for preview before

We also view at least the first five minutes of each tape we receive, to
check for tape defects before we send it to cataloging. The cataloger then
views it again while cataloging, especially if it has to be original
cataloging. this is also a second look to notice tape defects.

Collection Development nightmare: A truly bizarre thing has occurred this
past week. Suddenly a huge number of feature films has been coming in to
the media center to be shelved. Some good, some not so good..... I had
not heard anything about this particular purchase previously, so I asked
our purchasing clerk who had requested them. Apparently the English Dept.
has ordered (lock, stock and barrel) the entire list of the infamous "100
Best Films Ever Made" from the list that came out last year (or was it the
year before?). (sigh) I wish they had asked before they purchased -- I
hope they were aware of how controversial (and perhaps flawed) this list
was before they ordered......

Sue DeHut
Ed. Media Services
Linfield College