Re: desert isle docs

Sally S. Wellman (
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 10:06:34 -0700 (PDT)

Gary --

Here's a brief list compiled by my staff and I:

1. Stages of Labor (Injoy)
2. When I Was a Boy (Carousel)
3. Flatpicking with Doc (Home Spun)
4. Schlessinger Teen Health Series
5. Camela Nitschke Ribbonry Series
6. Travel the World with Rick Steves Series
7. Sewing with Nancy Series
8. Legendary Guitar of James Burton (Hot Licks)
9. Rapunzel (Weston Woods)
10. Children's Stories from Africa (Monterey Home Video)
11. Officer Buckle & Gloria (Weston Woods)
12. Frog Goes to Dinner (Phoenix/Coronet/BFA)
13. Any of the Harry the Dog (Harry the Dirty Dog/Harry & the Lady Next
Door, Harry Comes Home) (Barr Films)
14 Wrestling the Mississippi (Ambrose)
15. Big Henry & the Polka Dot Kid (Phoenix/Coronet/BFA)
16. Dear Dr. Spencer (First Run/Icarus)
17. Secret People (Fanlight)
18. Basic Mathematical Skills (with Elayn Gay) (Video Resources Software)
19. Breastfeeding Basics Series (Injoy)
20. History's Turning Points (Ambrose)
21. Safety & Study Abroad (Carousel)

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