Re: Previewing question

Susan Weber (
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 10:04:29 -0700 (PDT)

There's a difference between previewing and viewing a film for
cataloguing. All our videos are previewed & have an evaluation
form filled in. We only buy PPR programs & average cost can
be $200 per item, so that's why the attention.

A cataloguer views the item once we buy it - & spends as
much as it takes to: verify the title; get keywords that may
go into the summary; write the summary; do subject headings;
verify year of production - in other words, original cataloguing.
We find derived cataloguing to be inconsistent (we haven't
had access to OCLC) & with Z39.50 we do find some, but
sometimes it takes just as long to do the original work.

Because of all the attention above, we find a LOT of
technical problems - high dropout rate; poor sound;
creased tape - and we send all of this back to the supplier.
It's a royal pain, but somebody has to stick up for high
standards. We do buying for a consortium of 29
institutions and our cataloguing is a 'master record' for
the group and our tape is a 'master' for copies which
we have a license to make - so we feel an obligation
to resolve problems before they get multiplied.

Hope this helps,

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