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I preview expensive videos (over $400) and other titles as my annual budget
gets way down. In other words, I preview more in the Spring and Summer than
rest of the year. This is before I decide to purchase. My student
assistants and I preview all newly arrived titles by fast-forwarding through
the tape checking for sound and picture. In 20 years I have only returned a
very small handful - no more than 10. We don't collect "books on tape" so
our purchase of audiocassettes is low. We have about 2500 titles on audio
and I purchase maybe 50 titles every 3-4 years. Lately, that has been
mostly poetry, old radio shows, self-help, speeches, etc. We don't use
tattle-tape because our collection is "paged" - behind the counter.

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Hello, Videolib members

I am brand-new to this list, and have several questions already.

How much time do you spend, on average, in previewing videos etc. before
cataloging them? What seems to be the rate with which you have to return
material because of faults in production? Who does the previewing? What
about cassettes?

Is there a security strip, tattle tape or similar product, for videos,
and if so, where is it applied?

I will appreciate any information you care to share. Thanks.


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