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Thanks, Mike. I'll add these.


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>Thanks for the Desert Island list. As someone new to the field, I'm not
>well-versed in nonfiction film, and the list will come in handy. A few
>Hollywood (series): A 1970's BBC production co-produced by Kevin Brownlow
>about the early years of American film. Not sure if it's available on video
>(I taped it off TCM several years ago). Narrated by James Mason and full of
>the kind of wonderful interviews movie stars seem incapable of giving
>Gimme Shelter (1970): The Maysles Brothers record of the infamous 1969
>Rolling Stones concert at Altamont, where a concertgoer was killed by the
>Hells Angels -- an act captured on film. An interesting bookend to
>American Dream (1989): Barbara Kopple's Oscar-winner about a labor strike at
>a Hormel meat plant in Minnesota and how it tears a town apart. There's a
>scene in it which sums up why Kopple is such a good filmmaker: a man
>thinking about crossing the picket lines (so he can feed his family) breaks
>down on camera; rather than zooming in to the distraught man's face a la The
>Jenny Jones Show, Kopple (or her camera operator) zooms out respectfully and
>gives the man some room.
>Incidentally, when will the new edition of your book be out? Will it
>include more such lists?
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