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Ric Burns did the one on Coney Island. Ken's box of 7 includes the
Shakers, Huey Long, Congress, Empire of Air, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn
Bridge, and Thomas Hart Benton.

I hadn't seen Burns speak before last night. He was very interesting, and
"Jazz" looks very promising. He says he's been working on the project for
six years, has finished filming, and has 3 of the 9 episodes edited. Based
on the limited personal interaction with him, he seems very gracious. But
then, he should be -- he got a big grant from the State for this project.

At 12:13 PM 4/6/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Sally, I think he also did one on Coney Island. It seems to me it was one
>of a set of 7? titles by Burns, which included the Statue of LIberty title,
>and I think the Shaker title, sold by various catalog sources. I could be
>wrong, though. Hope this helps.
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