RE: Video Library Manager wanted for WCW (wrestling, no joke)

Tatar, Becky (
Thu, 6 Apr 2000 11:59:21 -0700 (PDT)

Not if we have to wear Spandex two piece outfits. I don't want to have to
make anyone suffer!

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> Subject: Video Library Manager wanted for WCW (wrestling, no joke)
> Well gang, opportunity is knocking (or should I say body blocking with a
> full nelson?). The WCW is looking for a "Videotape Library Manager." Who
> knows, maybe you get to wear tights with a stage name emblazoned across
> your chest ("The Librarian" Tag line: "Hey, illiterate breath, do I have
> to pound some information into you?). See below
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> Subject: Video Library Manager
> World Championship Wrestling is looking for a Videotape Library Manager
> to oversee 19,000 tapes in the WCW Library. Additionally, the Library
> Manager will have 3 direct reports who will assist in archiving/data entry
> of the footage. If you know of anyone who is interested, please send
> resumes to: Robin Shaw, WCW, One CNN Center, Atlanta GA 30348-5366. (WCW
> is a division of Turner Broadcasting, Time Warner)
> If you need additional information, I will be happy to submit.
> Thank you,
> Robin Shaw
> Director of Post Production, WCW