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I like the goofy Fair Use Harbor site:

A colleague and I wrote a video copyright FAQ awhile back which still has

At 02:32 PM 03/30/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Hello all!
>Can anyone recommend links on copyright law relating specifically to public
>performance vs. fair use that is clear and easy to understand? I seem to
>remember someone recently posted a site that was extremely helpful, but I
>may have accidentally deleted it.
>I am constantly debating public performance and fair use with faculty and
>students, especially when it comes to showing a home video copy of a popular
>movie that they want to screen to the entire campus. Most believe this is
>acceptable fair use because it is within an educational environment.
>Students believe it is ok if you don't charge for the screening.
>Having worked in distribution, I know what the law states, what the
>restrictions are, and can understand how Title 17 can be misinterpreted. How
>can I educate our faculty and students to a more correct interpretation? I
>feel it is vital that our film students understand the importance of
>protecting their own work, while respecting the work of others. When faculty
>are concerned, it is usually a co-sponsored screening with a student
>organization, and they feel if a faculty member is involved, this is still
>within fair use guidelines.
>They don't understand that it must be within a face-to-face teaching
>situation, be part of the curriculum, only be shown to students enrolled in
>the class...etc. How can I make this more clear?
>Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
>Many thanks,
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