Need Copyright Links

Elizabeth Fries (
Thu, 30 Mar 2000 14:32:01 -0800 (PST)

Hello all!

Can anyone recommend links on copyright law relating specifically to public
performance vs. fair use that is clear and easy to understand? I seem to
remember someone recently posted a site that was extremely helpful, but I
may have accidentally deleted it.

I am constantly debating public performance and fair use with faculty and
students, especially when it comes to showing a home video copy of a popular
movie that they want to screen to the entire campus. Most believe this is
acceptable fair use because it is within an educational environment.
Students believe it is ok if you don't charge for the screening.

Having worked in distribution, I know what the law states, what the
restrictions are, and can understand how Title 17 can be misinterpreted. How
can I educate our faculty and students to a more correct interpretation? I
feel it is vital that our film students understand the importance of
protecting their own work, while respecting the work of others. When faculty
are concerned, it is usually a co-sponsored screening with a student
organization, and they feel if a faculty member is involved, this is still
within fair use guidelines.

They don't understand that it must be within a face-to-face teaching
situation, be part of the curriculum, only be shown to students enrolled in
the class...etc. How can I make this more clear?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Liz Fries-LeDoux, Program Coordinator
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