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Stevie Andrew (
Mon, 27 Mar 2000 10:09:49 -0800 (PST)

We are working out the details of introducing a DVD collection after FY01 starts in July. We see it starting as a true "core collection" of many of the classic titles we currently have in multiple copies. Our full group of librarians will have to meet to approve details, but we expect to start with just movies and all will be titles we already have on videotape (though many will be quite different entities). It's a situation different from yours, for we've reached 4100 movie titles and we have never tried to meet demand on recent movies. Early purchasers of DVD players include real film buffs and people who want what's just out; our local chain stories are only catering to the latter group. Our major selection criteria will probably be lasting value and particular use of the DVD medium (though both The Matrix and Joan of Arc will be on our list). Once DVD takes off, we expect eventually to rarely have more than one copy of a title on videotape and will allocate a portion of the
current video budget to stock up on DVD. When we started the cd collection which eventually replaced our extensive lp's, lots of people decided to buy cd players because they would have some good things to listen to even if they couldn't afford their own big cd collection right away; I suspect the library collection of DVD will have some of that effect (not that it's more than a drop in the ocean of worldwide consumers or that electronics manufacturers would ever give us tangible thanks...) Anyway, we're excited!

Stevie Andrew
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>>> Michael Boedicker <> 03/24/00 02:45PM >>>
Our (medium-sized public) library is planning to add DVDs to the collection
this year. I'm wondering if I should only buy titles we don't own on tape,
or allow for some duplication (and if so, how much?). Our video collection
is small (about 900 features and 1100 nonfiction videos), and so for
economic and space reasons I want to minimize duplication. Also, it's
probably safe to say that 99% of patrons who own DVD players still have
their VCRs and could borrow the VHS (though the tape will lack the bells and
whistles of the disc).

On the other hand, I can see patrons who don't own DVD players (the vast
majority of our users) gritting their teeth if certain titles are only
available in DVD.

I'm doing a 2-week survey right now to determine how many of our patrons own
DVD players or are planning on buying one in the next year. But the results
still won't answer the above questions. How have other list members
addressed these problems?


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