Re: DVD selecting

Fri, 24 Mar 2000 22:40:40 -0800 (PST)

It seems to me that DVDs are making an impact on the consumer market.
At least I see them
in places like K-Mart, Video rental stores, and even used ones in stores
that sell used books and videos.
We just bought a used "Cabaret" for $13.00 for the library at a used book
store--- our first DVD purchase, to try out with our first DVD player, a
Samsung DVD709, which is very nice. It only cost $239.
At the behest of our film studies instructor, we are purchasing
several DVD titles which duplicate
VHS titles. Aside from the sharp image, the advantage for him is the
ability during lecture/discussions to quickly access any part of the
film...using the chapter divisions or the real time function. This means
no waiting during that endless fast-forwarding and rewinding. He also
loves the beautiful still frames. He likes the repeat function that allows
a viewer to study scenes over and over. It has a digital zoom and s-video
output., too.
As to titles, there seems to be a proliferation of them. Even
including documentaries and edutainment.
The Cabaret edition has a lot of extra material on it..interviews with
stars,and a documentary on the making of
the film, information abut Kander and Ebb, etc.