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Susan Albrecht (
Wed, 22 Mar 2000 10:17:33 -0800 (PST)

We're a TINY school (enrollment under 900), but we do have a policy of
sorts. It may be of no interest to you, but I've enclosed the portion of it that
pertains to video acquisitions and CD acquisitions.


P.S. Here's the URL:

So, here's my question - do any of you have specific, full-blown
> media policies that you either direct me to (web) or provide to me (ASCII
> text, Word, or .pdf). How about public libraries, systems and schools? I
> haven't had any luck in finding any of those. Thanks for any help - needed
> badly. Jim Scholtz.

A. Videorecordings
Requests for videorecorded materials (e.g., VHS videocassettes and
laserdiscs) are approved by the
Media Center Director. Our primary goal is to acquire videorecordings
that support specific
courses. Other requests from faculty, staff or students may be considered,
after consultation with
the relevant department(s). The Media Center Director or Assistant may
also provide information to
faculty members concerning videorecordings which might be of interest to
a particular department.
Materials which are designed to support the training in or use of computer
software are not
purchased from the Media Center video acquisition budget; rather,
funding is sought from other
sources (e.g., departmental funds, technology committee funds). When
videos are requested for
recreational use, they are purchased only if special or extra sources of
funding are available, e.g.,
through the Student Activities coordinator, Owen Duston fund, or an end-
of-year Media Center
acquisition surplus.
If purchases for an individual course reach $200 in one fiscal year and
additional material is desired
for that course, the Media Center Director or Assistant will work with the
faculty member to try to
secure other sources of funding. This funding might be from the
requestor's own departmental
funds, from a second department which might want to use the video, or
from a special fund, such as
Owen Duston (for
literary works in film format) or Eric Dean (religion department

B. Music Recordings
The goal of the music recording collection is to support the curricula of all
the departments of the
College while building a representative collection of standard works from
Western and non-Western
traditions. Contemporary popular recordings are acquired only as the
result of specific course-related
faculty requests. Selections are made primarily in consultation with
members of the music
department, but requests from other faculty, students and staff are
welcomed. The annual budget
for recordings is divided between new acquisitions and replacements;
therefore the Library may not
be able to honor all requests for new material. The majority of current
purchases are in the CD
format, with the exception of works which are available solely in other media.
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