Re: AV/Video Coll. Dev. policies

Jan Derks (
Wed, 22 Mar 2000 09:49:24 -0800 (PST)

Hi, Jim! Our Collection Development staff in our public library district has
just completed an update of the selection criteria we use for various AV. We
just began a "pilot" DVD collection in the past month so we have yet to write a
DVD selection policy. Our intent was to make the selection criteria positive
and as general and inclusive as we could. Our library managers haven't
reviewed these revisions yet so there may be a change or two here and there.
I'd be glad to fax a copy of the criteria for each format to you if you'll send
me your fax number. - Jan

Jim Scholtz wrote:

> Hi all, I'm in the throes of selecting and analyzing information for my
> chapter on CD in Gary Handman's new book edition and am currently looking
> at websites of libraries for Video/media CD and selection policies. I'm
> finding some college/university policies but most of the AV/media is just
> incorporated into the main policy with one sentence/paragraph "audiovisual
> materials (i.e. video) is included..." rather than having a full-blown
> policy that takes into account various media-specific factors or mentions
> specific selection tools. I searched using all the major search engines as
> well as following leads that you folks have given to me in my earlier
> query. So, here's my question - do any of you have specific, full-blown
> media policies that you either direct me to (web) or provide to me (ASCII
> text, Word, or .pdf). How about public libraries, systems and schools? I
> haven't had any luck in finding any of those. Thanks for any help - needed
> badly. Jim Scholtz.

Jan Derks
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