Re: locating closed-captioned videos

Judie Porter (
Wed, 22 Mar 2000 04:18:34 -0800 (PST)

Contact the following:
Captioning Database Inc.
1 Walker's Way
Framingham, MA 01710-3640
They have a book (dated) Called 'Gopen's Guide to Closed Captioned Video', but are also a resource for information about closed captioned videos.
We have a constant problems with catalogs not indicating CC, and ordering tapes we know have been CC, and having them arrive without being CC. It's an ongoing battle. Hopefully soon people who publish the catalogs will realize how important it is to indicate CC in
all catalogs! Or, better yet, all the tapes will be CC.
Judith Porter
Supervisor of Media Services
Portsmouth Schools, RI


> Help! I have a patron that must have closed-captioned films. I have done the subject search and found videos that meet his needs however I can not confirm which are available closed-captioned. Does anyone know of source that will give me this information? Thanks.
> Renee Zurn
> Duluth Public Library
> 520 W. Superior St.
> Duluth MN 55802