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The problem I have with ILL is the "library rate: method of returning
materials. This is snail mail. If we are going to change the policy and lend
via ILL on any level, there needs to be better communication between the
lending and borrowing agencies to insure that the item(s) are returned as
soon as possible, and in the condition they arrived.
I have no qualms about lending, but am always afraid that it may not be
returned since my current budget situation does not allow for multiple
purchases. And we are a community college- not that this makes a lot of
The other issue is copyright. On the one hand, institutions are spreading
the wealth of their collections
to other entities, but there are those of my colleagues who argue that I
could get into trouble with the copyright
issue for lending out of our system, and or state. These are issues that
still haunt me to a certain degree because there are variations to this
on-going debate for
many media librarians. This forum would be a good place to thrash out the
issues so to speak.

Prof. LaRoi lawton
Bronx Community College
Library/Learning Resource Center
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> We interlibrary loan most of our materials within the University of
> California system, but I have mixed feelings about the process. I think
> it's great to share materials, but it can also cause problems. I've been
> told that interlibrary loan should be a three week turnaround for our
> materials to be returned to us. But most of the time it can take three or
> four months. Meanwhile, many times we don't know what our faculty want
> until they walk in the door expecting what they want to be here.
> Unfortunately, many faculty don't understand the words planning and
> organization. Just this past quarter one of our dance videos was loaned to
> another campus. Someone made a copy of that video and then when it was
> returned they returned the copy and not our original. A couple of years
> we loaned a video of an Hispanic literary workshop that was held at USC
> many years ago. The campus that requested it, lost it. It's out-of-print
> it can't be replaced. And when I have loaned motion pictures, which I
> do anymore, they would be returned not rewound and not on their original
> reels. And finally, as I said earlier, it's great to share materials, but
> it's also unfair when we loan our materials, but other campuses don't
> reciprocate.
> Jim Glenn
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