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Sally S. Wellman (
Tue, 21 Mar 2000 12:44:51 -0800 (PST)

My situation is a little difference because I'm in a State Library. Our
main business is interlibrary loan. We are set up as a resource for
Louisiana's public, academic, and special libraries. (We don't lend
directly to schools. The State Department of Education is supposed to take
care of them. Teachers can borrow from us through their public libraries.)
We generally have few problems, but occasionally, an item will get damaged
in transit by our statewide courrier system.

We lend AV materials all over the state but not out-of-state. Hence, we
don't put our AV holdings in OCLC. Occasionally, we will get a request
from someone out of state -- particularly for titles unique to Louisiana.
These requests typically come from individuals and not from libraries.

Exceptions are sometimes made and AV materials do go out-of-state. This is
done case by case basis with the call made by the State Librarian or by the
Deputy State Librarian.

Because we don't lend out of state, we don't request AV materials from out
of state. We will, however, try to buy the requested titles.

We have received requests from the Governor's office, legislators, and
other higher-ups in State government to borrow things from out- of-state.
We let State Librarian and Deputy State Librarian explain the policies to
the politicians.

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