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Tatar, Becky (
Tue, 21 Mar 2000 11:18:34 -0800 (PST)

We had a policy of not lending any audio visual materials, for several
reasons. We were one of the last libraries in our area to join our system,
way back in 1979. Second, the system would not reimburse libraires for lost
av borrowed by reciprocal borrowers or ILL, I think. Third, we were the
largest library in the system, and the board felt that our collections, at
that time 16mm film, 5000 records, and about 1000 cassettes, plus framed
prints, sculpture, and various books/cassettes and filmstrip/cassette sets
in childrens, should be for the use of our patrons. However, the result of
this refusal to ILL av, or allow reciprocal borrowers to check out av, was
that we could not request ILL of av. Some libraries would allow our patrons
to borrow their av, but some would not, on the principle that "if you won't
lend yours we won't lend ours." Staff felt in the last few years that our
collections were large enough that the effect of ILL or reciprocal borrowing
wouldn't deny our patrons access to our materials. Also, since we would not
ILL av, our patrons could not request ILL of av, thereby denying them access
to materials. So, in November 98, we changed our policy to all ILL of av,
and allow reciprocal borrowing of av. This change does not include CD-ROMs
or Books on CD, simply because those collections are very small. Also, we
limit how many items a reciprocal borrower may have - 3. This is going to
be changing soon, though, to the same limits our regular borrowers have. As
far as ILL goes, this has not had such a great impact on our collection as
we thought. Our automation system is stand alone, so we are not on the top
of anyone's list when it comes to ILL searching. However, our patron
requests have gone WAY up! Our ILL staff of 2 1/2 is much busier. Hope
this helps. Good Luck!

Becky Tatar
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