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Jim Glenn (
Tue, 14 Mar 2000 09:37:06 -0800 (PST)


I hope you have better luck than I did when they moved our Media Library
into a new building in Sept. '96. They didn't consult me until late in the
game and I was pretty much told by the people in our Campus Planning
Department that this is where you're going to move, and this is what your
lab will look like. They gave me $55,000 to equip the entire Media
Library/language lab. Then I had to slash $14,000 off of that to pay for
study carrels that were not included in the original budget. There were to
be five small video viewing rooms that are maybe 8 ft. square. For the five
rooms they were going to give me 15 tables and 90 chairs. Then I had to
have them eliminate one of the viewing rooms, or there wouldn't have been
space to store the video collection. The 16mm collection had to stay in the
old building because there wasn't space enough in the new facility. It was
a lot of fun for me to run across campus to get a film that someone forgot
to order for a class. And on top of everything else, there is an elevator
just outside our entrance door. The elevator mechanical room is inside the
Media Library office. Every time someone uses the elevator there is a loud
grinding sound, after sound-proofing, twice. So, my advice to you is to
stay on top of things. Try to plan for future growth of both the student
population that will use your facility, but also for future storage of a
collection that will not only grow, but also change as new formats and
technologies are born. And also plan for a lab that will allow you space
enough to expand to embrace those new technologies. The people who put me
in this facility didn't take any of these things into consideration. I
guess I can get off of my soapbox now. Whew, I feel better already!

Jim Glenn
Manager, Media Library
University of California, Riverside

At 07:05 AM 3/14/00 -0800, you wrote:
> I've been asked to come up with space requirements for storing the
>collection,staff areas, carrels, group viewing room(s), etc. to work
>with! If anyone out there has any facts or strong opinions to share,
>I'd be very appreciative. Please feel free to tell me anything about this
>process that might be useful. Thanks, Andrea Slonosky
>Media Librarian
>Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
>(718) 488-1311