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Kay Kalinak gave a presentation on this very subject at the 1990 Virginia
Festival of American Film. She showed the step scene with 3 scores: the
Meisel score, the winner of the 75th (?) anniversary USSR score composition
contest, and (I recall?) the score played during the American release by
Tchaikovsky (? not Shostakovitch?). Very effective demonstration of the
emotion evoked by the tone of the sound track.

Ms. Kalinak is a professor of English at Rhode Island College. Her email

)At 08:54 AM 03/10/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>OK all you Eisenstein experts,
>First of all, yes I am aware that silent films are often scored multiple
times by various composers.
>I am trying to do some research on a film score for Battleship Potemkin,
I thought I was dealing with Shostakovich, then found out I was listening
to a 1950s score by a N. Kryukov and that there was another score done in
the 30's by a German composer Edmund Meisel (who's score was supposed to be
the most fabulous of all and was lost but recently rediscovered and
recorded) the million dollar question is this:
>where does Shostakovitch come into this? The only place I can find him
associated with this film is in the Internet Movie Database and in a
Facet's online catalog listing for a VHS Potemkin with a wonderful score by
Shostakovitch. I haven't been able to find anything on Kryukov, are
Kryukov and Shostakovitch the same person? Was he writing under a
different name for some reason? If you order a Battleship Potemkin 9 times
out of 10 you will get the Kryukov score (Crown Movie Classics, KVC Home
Video) I haven't been able to find a copy available score by anyone else.
>Can anyone shed some light on this? I was trying to show how editing,
cinematography, and music worked together to create an emotional experience
in the viewer. I am using a 63 second clip from the Odessa steps scene.
It would be nice if I could credit the right composer.
>I know this might be a lot to ask for a Friday, but the collective wisdom
has performed miracles in the past.....
>Waiting with hope,
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