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Clark, Jeff (
Wed, 8 Mar 2000 09:47:01 -0800 (PST)


Regarding TV Guide's web version of _Motion Picture
Guide_ ("Motion Picture Database")...

I've recently discovered the change and problems with this
feature--which is now only identified as "Movie Database":

You can find it at:

A couple points here:

1. Right now, the little "Search" button at the top right
of the web page isn't working properly. It's supposed to
provide the choice of searching a film in the database or
in the TV listings--whenever it works properly.

2. Instead, scroll down the page just beyond halfway. The
"Movie Database" feature is buried there. That search
engine works... sort of.

3. There are still problems from this "main" search page,
with the results retrieved. Some links--for films or people
with more than one entry--produce empty results.

4. Using the repeated search engine on pages with a search
result--the secondary level, so to speak, where the
link result of a search are--seems not to be working at
all. You get no results when conducting a search
at this level rather than from the main web page listed

No doubt the TV Guide folks must be working on this. But
almost needless to say, I'm annoyed at what they're doing
to "bury" this reference resource.

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On Wed, 8 Mar 2000 08:44:00 -0800 (PST) "Kristine R.
Brancolini" <> wrote:

> I think the following databases/reference works were discussed awhile ago,
> and I'm wondering if any of you have current information. We have
> _Magill's Survey of Cinema_ on CD-ROM and _Motion Picture Guide_ on
> CD-ROM. Is _Magill's_ available on the Web also? I know that the Motion
> Picture Guide used to be available on the TV Guide web site, but the link
> is now dead. Does the publisher or anyone else provide direct access?
> The other resource I'm curious about is _Media Review Digest_. I think
> that Gary Handman had a trial password for a web version. Is it available
> yet for subscription? I would love to discontinue my paper subscription
> for space reasons, plus add the functionality that an electronic version
> would afford. Thanks for your help. -- Kris
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