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<bold><fontfamily><param>Palatino</param>FULL-TIME POSITION AVAILABLE: =20

</fontfamily></bold><fontfamily><param>Palatino</param>Electronic Arts
Intermix (EAI) is a nonprofit media arts center that is an international
distributor and resource for video and new media by artists.=20

EAI is seeking a full-time Distribution Coordinator. The Distribution
Coordinator manages EAI=B9s Artists=B9 Distribution Service, working closely
with artists, curators, educators, and others on the international
distribution of EAI=B9s extensive collection of artists=B9 media works. =20

<bold><bigger><bigger>Responsibilities include the following:

</bigger></bigger></bold>o Oversee all aspects of the Artists
Distribution Service, including the fulfillment and facilitation of
domestic and international sales and rentals. =20

o Assist educators, curators, festival programmers, and others on issues
ranging from fees and formats to exhibition conditions, touring rights,
and broadcast negotiations. Provide programming advice and=20

o Work with artists on issues relating to the distribution of their
tapes, including contracts.=20

o Develop and implement marketing, audience development and outreach
strategies for distribution; review policy in relation to formats, fees,
and related issues.

o Coordinate and implement tape conservation and preservation
activities, as well as off-site storage of the tape collection.=20

o Represent EAI in the media arts field, including national and
international festivals, panels, and conferences. =20

o Seek out new and historical works for distribution; participate in
acquisitions meetings.

o Supervise Distribution Assistant(s). =20


</bigger></bigger></bold>o Professional experience in the Media Arts
field, particularly in the area of distribution=20

o Academic background in media arts, contemporary art or arts

o Excellent interpersonal, writing and communication skills

o Strong organizational and managerial skills, attention to detail,
and ability to meet deadlines

o Commitment to working in a non-profit arts environment

o Foreign language ability (particularly Spanish and French) a plus

Salary + benefits

Please mail, fax or e-mail resumes with a cover letter to:

Attn: Job Search/Distribution Coordinator

Electronic Arts Intermix

542 W. 22nd St, 3rd fl.=20

New York, NY 10011 Fax: (212) 337-0679 E-mail:=20


EAI is an Equal Opportunity Employer



Gary Handman


Media Resources Center

Moffitt Library

UC Berkeley 94720-6000


"Everything wants to become television" (James Ulmer -- Teletheory)