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Sr. Gilmary Speirs (speirs@MARYWOOD1.MARYWOOD.EDU)
Sat, 4 Mar 2000 09:21:59 -0800 (PST)

Video Librarian is the best reviewing source for that format, I believe.

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Subject: CDL: AV coll. dev.
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The library here at Anne Arundel Community College will be assuming
responsibility this summer for all aspects of audio-visual materials -
selecting, acquiring, cataloging, circulating, and reference service. I am
looking for input from the collection development/acquisitions angle:

1. I am looking for sample collection development policies for
audiovisual materials, either separate policies or sections of policies
that cover all materials. If your policy is on the web, please send the URL. I
can also accept MS Word files, or copies via "snail mail" to the address at
the bottom of the page.

2. Where do you find reviews for audiovisual materials for an academic
audience, other than Booklist and Library Journal?

Thank you very much for your input!

Cynthia Steinhoff
Collection Development Librarian
Anne Arundel Community College
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012 <>

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