"media librarians" response

Tami-Jo Eckley (eckleyt@mville.edu)
Wed, 1 Mar 2000 07:17:00 -0800 (PST)

1. Do you think "library school" (MLS program) prepared you for your career
> as a media librarian? Why? Please indicate in which type of library you are
> currently working.
I work in a small liberal arts college library and library school did not prepare me for the media part of my job. It did a wonderful job preparing me for the other aspects of being a librarian but it is my other degree in Communication Arts that I draw on for my knowledge in dealing with the media part.

> 2. What skills or qualities do you think will be most important for media
> librarians in the future?

I think it is very important to develop associations or programs within existing associations (ie ALA) which will offer continuing education programs specifically for media librarians to keep up with internet technologies as well as digital production capabilities, etc. Production and computer technology and internet access are going to continue to blend together more and more and the result will be something completely different than what existed prior to it. (what was that big merger that recently happened.....time warner, aol, etc.)

> 3. Will media librarians as a specialty field continue well into the future
> or do you see our role changing as new technologies and formats emerge?

I feel very strongly that the profession of media librarianship must take a strong stance and grow into the specialty that it is. I am very frustrated that my role as a media librarian is combined with that of electronic services and reference librarian. Neither of these roles should be so belittled that they are reduced to "part time" hours. I also feel that Library Schools need to begin programs dedicated to the media librarian much as those that are currently in place for "school media specialists."

Tami-Jo Eckley
Electronic Services & Media Librarian
Manhattanville College Library
Purchase, New York 10577