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You might want to consider JOURNEY TO PLANET EARTH because of its
interdisciplinary approach to understanding both global and regional
environmental issues.

Strongly recommended by The School Library Journal, Booklist and The
Journal Of Academic Librarianship, here is what they said about the

"Superbly narrated by Kelly McGillis, this 3-part series illustrates the
desperate need for a balance between the needs of people and the
environment. An extraordinary production -- a must buy for media
libraries." -- School Library Journal

"Lavishly shot, this series introduces worldwide environmental concerns
to students and other interested viewers." -- Booklist

"Highly recommended for high school and undergraduate collections in
ecology and environmental sciences." -- Journal Of Academic

Episode One - RIVERS OF DESTINY investigates the problems which result
from tampering with the natural environments of rivers. Locations:
Mississippi, Amazon, Jordan and Mekong Rivers. (55 Min. VHS)

Episode Two - THE URBAN EXPLOSION explores ways to sustain a growing
urban population without destroying the environment. Locations: Mexico
City, Istanbul, Shanghai and New York City. (55 Min. VHS)

Episode Three - LAND OF PLENTY, LAND OF WANT examines how farmers can
feed Earth’s growing population without impoverishing the land.
Locations: Zimbabwe, France, China and the United States. (55 Min. VHS)

AWARDS: First Prize, Columbus International Film and Video Festival; Two
Gold Medals and a Bronze, Chicago International Film & Video Festival;
Three Golden Eagles, CINE Film Festival; Silver Medal, Houston
International Film Festival.

Series Price $399, or $149 Per Episode

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