Need for Information

Jim Scholtz (
Tue, 29 Feb 2000 07:17:42 -0800 (PST)

Hi All, I"m in the process of writing/editing my chapter on collection
development for the 2nd ed. of Gary Handman's book on "Video Collection
Development in Multitype Libraries: A Handbook" (Greenwood Press, 1994) and
I need your help. I'm looking for samples of collection development and
selection policies that deal with all types of media from a public, special
and academic standpoint. Especially, if you have taken into account new
forms of media such as CD-ROM, DVD and out-sourced products such as on-line
databases (such as Searchbank, OCLC's FirstSearch, etc. - ok, I know it's
not AV related!), streamed video and audio. In particular, I'm interested
in how your library feels that off-site acquired (outsourced) "virtual"
products impact your budget and how they enter into the collection
development scheme (meaning you don't buy the print version of a journal
because you can get most articles on-line; you don't buy Reader's Guide
because you subscribe to Searchbank, you cycle your encyclopedia purchases
differently because you also purchase the CD-ROM version of an encylopedia
say every 2 years and purchase an on-line encyclopedia subscription every
year - so you only have to buy a new print encyclopedia every 3-5 years
instead of every other). I'm very interested to see if the
electronic/alternate formats have influenced buying patterns, collection
development, budgeting and, more importantly, established a
philosophical/intellectual basis for such decisions. I would also like to
know if your library has an access policy - basically this is a cataloging
policy delineating points of access, cataloging standards, search protocols
and the like, placing it within the broader public service arena rather
than a more focused technical services area. The emphasis in an access
policy is on searching as a positive patron (customer) activity. User
studies, search methods, local subject headings and practices, integration
of other database tools/Internet search engines, etc., streamed video/audio
may be discussed here as well. If you have any of these policies or
components, I'd love to hear from you, get your feedback and get some
sample policies. Please respond to Jim Scholtz ( within
2 weeks. Thanks for your help. Jim Scholtz.