Desert Island List

Frank Landrum (
Mon, 28 Feb 2000 18:54:42 -0800 (PST)

Gary, these are neither in alpha or importance order. They just are.

The Last Tasmanian. 62 min. color, 1/2 in. VHS
Deals realistically with the genocide of the Tasmanian aborigines by the
British in latter half of the 19th centruy. Shows the anthropologist
recreating the story of an extinct people, and it sensitizes the viewer to
the need of cultural understanding. There are two parts; Extinction and
CRM Films, 1980.

Why Man Creates. 25 min. color, 1/2 in. VHS
Demonstrates in its form and content, the nature of the creative process
and discusses the variety, richness, and importance of creative vision.
Kaiser Aluminum, 1968.

The Speaker: A film about freedom. 41 min. color, 16mm
Uses the controversy generated over a high school Current Events
Committee's decision to invite a speaker to discuss the theory of genetic
inferiority of blacks to stimulate thinking about the concept of freedom of
expression and perceptions about the First Amendment.
American Library Association, 1977.

The Wall. 4 min. color, 16mm.
A cynical comment on the people user, the person who watches while others
sturggle to make a break-through and then takes advantage of their efforts,
and walks through the hole they made.
Contemporary, 1967.

The Tell-tale heart, by Edgar Allen Poe. 28 min. color, 16mm
Adapted from the short story of the same title by Edgar Allen Poe.
Presents a suspense story about a manservant who is driven to murder his
elderly master because of the latter's clouded eye.
American Film Institute, 1971.

The Story of Romeo and Juliet. 60 min. color, 1/2 in. VHS
Good introduction to the joys of Shakespeare, narrated by George Murcell,
who clarifies the complexities of the Elizabethan language nicely as he
explains the plot and characterizations. Produced in St. George's Theatre,
Dragon Video Productions, 1991.

The Snowman. 26 min. color, 1/2 in. VHS
Presentation of the Snowman by Raymond Vriggs (book). A young boy dreams
that his snowman comes to life. Together they share the perils of winter.
Muted pastels and orchestral score make this non-verbal Christmas tale an
experience for all seasons.
Weston Woods, 1983.

The Snowy Day. 6 min. color, 1/2 in. VHS
Based on the Caldecott Award winning book by Ezra Jack Keats. Silent
wonder of a city snow and a small boy's solitary delight in it have been
transposed from the book to the screen.
Weston Woods, 1964

Eyes on the Prize series. 6 episodes, 60 min. each. color, 1/2 in. VHS
A series of six episodes about the desegregation movement in the south
during the 1950's and 1960's. Discusses racial discrimination.
PBS Video, 1987.

The end of one. 7 min. color, 1/2 in. VHS
A wordless parable of modern society in which masses of sea gulls fighting
for growing mounds of garbage are intercut with the final feeble movements
of a single dying bird while tractors and jet planes roar in the distance.
Learning Corporation of America, 1970.

Neighbors. 9 min. color, 1/2 in. VHS
A parable about two people who, after living side by side in mutual
friendliness and respect, come to blows over the possession of a flower
that one day grows where their properties meet.
National Film Board of Canada, 1952.

Rainbow War. 20 min. color, 1/2 in. VHS
Red, blue, and yellow - three separate worlds - learn of the existence of
the other. Prejudice leads to a war, causing each to recognize the beauty
of working together.
Pyramid, 1985.

Only the Ball was White. 30 min. color, 1/2 in. VHS
Traces the history of the Negro Leagues through photographs, film footage
and interviews with the ball players. Discusses the era when major U.S.
baseball leagues refused to hire black athletes. Narrator Paul Winfield
recounts the number of unrecognized athletes, some of whom, such as Jackie
Robinson and Roy Campanella, were later hired by the leagues.
WTTW Television, 1992.

The Sand Castle - Le Chateau de sable. 13 min. color, 16mm
Shows animated characters as they are created out of sand and as they
perform various functions and get into muschief untilthe wind destroys
their world.
Co Hoedeman, 1978

Roots. (6 episodes) Approx 95 min. each. color, 1/2 in. VHS
Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning book by Alex Haley. Traces a family
from their capture in Africa to the slave life that they lead in America.
Ends soon after the Civil War.
Wolper Productions, 1977.

The Red Balloon. 34 min. color, 16mm
A classic fantasy about a boy who makes friends with a balloon, playing
with it in the streets of Montmartre, Paris, and trying unsuccessfully to
elude a gang of urchins trying to destroy it.
Lamorisse Peter, 1959.

The Ransom of Red Chief. 27 min. color, 1/2 in. VHS
An adaptation of the O. Henry short story of the same title about two
inept con men whose kidnapping venture of a small boy backfires when the
boy's parents refuse to take him back.
Learning Corp. of America, 1978.

Baseball. (18 episodes) Approx. 60 min. each. color, 1/2 in. VHS
Ken Burns looks back at the history of baseball in the United States.
Each half inning addresses a piece of the history of the game by different
times and eras.
PBS Video, 1994.

There you have it Gary. If I had more time to spend on this, I would
probably add a few more. I tried to have a mixture of different types of
things, but all-in-all, I never tire of watching these over and over.
Looking forward to your final list.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Frank Landrum
Lane ESD
Eugene, Oregon