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Off the top of my head...

<< 1. The copyright holder for the movie TOPPER, 1937 starring Cary Grant
and Constance Bennett. It was a Hal Roach production and I believe it
was distributed through MGM which later sold rights to Ted Turner. My
most recent information is that Turner didn't renew rights and it seems
to be in limbo.>>

It would definitely be Warner Brothers through the RKO/Turner chain. Possibly
public domain, but the underlying rights would definitely be owned by the
Thorne Smith estate.

<<2. Copyright holder for the Charlie Chaplin silent film TILLIE'S
PUNCTURED ROMANCE? This may be public domain but I'd like to confirm.>>

Absolutely public domain since it was made before 1923. At the same time,
restored versions such as Kino's would have copyrighted titles, music and/or

<<3. Copyright holder for a short film, PARAMOUNT PRESENTS HOAGY
CARMICHAEL, 1939. This also may be public domain but I'd like to
confirm >>

Probably copyrighted knowing some other shorts from that time. The music
rights, no matter what, would have to be cleared.

However, you should have searches done and paying for an LOC search is the
cheapest method -- though it doesn't usually cover underlying rights. To get
Errors and Ommission insurance for television, you'll need these anyway. Two
copyright researchers we use (they're a bit cheaper than lawyers) are David
Pierce at and Eli Savada at

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