DVD Security

Deg Farrelly (DEG.FARRELLY@asu.edu)
Thu, 24 Feb 2000 18:47:26 -0800 (PST)

The inability to shelve the discs in a public, browseable area is one of the
primary reasons we have not moved to DVDs (tho not the only reason)

We store CDs behind the circ counter, which is a real problem for a number
of reasons.

#1 - The collectionis not physcially browseable. Originally we stored the
jewel cases on shelves, with the discs behind the counter. But we moved all
behind the counter when thieves stole *every single* libretto from the
broadway shows albums.

#2 - The approach requires staff to retrieve the item for the borrower.

We are installing a self-check system that allows borrowers to sign out
materials without staff mediation. To that end we are seeking to minimize
the items which borrowers must ask for at the desk.

One potential solution... 3M is about to release a new electronic security
marker, specifically designed for DVDs (and can be used on CDs). It's a
ring label, designed to be placed on the center of the disk. We are already
labeling CDs with a similar label, so this is a practical solution for
us.... IF we can also afford the new security gates that the system
requires, AND the self check unit will de-sensitize it.

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From: Kellie Flynn:

> We're thinking of beginning to add the DVD format to our large circulating
> video collection. The problem is that our public library
> has no room to store dummies--dummies being the common solution for
> displaying material that cannot be tattle-taped.
> Another option is ... clear plastic safety cases.
> Are there alternatives to these? Love to hear yer ideas.
> From: sgilliam@GUILFORD.EDU
> I notice that in used CD shops they store the discs behind the counter
> in numbered
> envelopes. Then the regular cases are stored out where people can
> browse..
> From: Druda <edruda@suffolk.lib.ny.us>
> We are wrestling with the same problem here. Other local libraries with
> DVD collections report HIGH theft rate :-( .