media librarianship
Mon, 21 Feb 2000 12:01:59 -0800 (PST)


In preparation for my chapter in the new edition of Gary's book, I would
like to ask the media librarians out there to take a few minutes and send me
a reply to the questions below. Responses sent directly to me will be kept
confidential. If you want to share your thoughts with the list that's fine
too. I'm trying to get an idea about how you feel about library education
for media librarians and where you see our specialty heading in the future.
I guess I'm defining "media" as traditional a/v type formats as well as
newer ones, but with a slant towards video.

1. Do you think "library school" (MLS program) prepared you for your career
as a media librarian? Why? Please indicate in which type of library you are
currently working.

2. What skills or qualities do you think will be most important for media
librarians in the future?

3. Will media librarians as a specialty field continue well into the future
or do you see our role changing as new technologies and formats emerge?

Thanks in advance for your time and energy.


Lori Widzinski

Head, Computing and Multimedia Services
Health Sciences Library
University at Buffalo